Strategic HR Consultancy for Small Businesses

Facing a "Redundancy programme" and need extra assistance or support?

Handling redundancies will require a huge amount of time and you may not have the resources and/or expertise within your company. Plain Talking HR will support you and your employees during this difficult time.

At Plain Talking HR we appreciate that any additional expenditure at this time could be a sensitive and difficult matter but if you don't follow the processes correctly, the possible financial outcome could be disastrous for your company.

After considering all your requirements and constraints at a FREE one hour consultation, we will provide a competitive quote for the project.

Are you expanding your business and need help with your Recruitment campaign?

Working with you, we will develop a realistic programme and agree a competitive rate for the project.

Recruitment can be a lengthy and costly process. For more detailed information about our services, refer to the Recruitment section in "HR Issues".

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Send an email to: Bronwen Philpott or Bina Briggs

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