It's not fair! You treat them better than me! You did not follow the rules!

Ever been frustated by comments such as these by your employees? Remember the individual's perception is their reality and needs to be addressed quickly.

Have you buried your head in the sand because you were fearful of the law and its consequences?

Have you struggled to handle a grievance because you did not understand the significance of the issue to the individual or were you unsure of the process to follow?

Or do you believe........

We don't need Grievance procedures because our company is too small and anyway we have a happy contented workforce.

In any business, an employee may have concerns or complaints that they wish to bring to your attention about their work, employment terms, working conditions or a breakdown in their relationships with colleagues. They will expect you to address these issues and help them resolve their grievance. The consequences of not dealing with an employee's complaint in a fair and reasonable manner could result in their resignation. It is never good to lose any employee this way when it just takes a few reasonable and fair steps to resolve the situation.

Not only that, should you fail to have written procedures or worse still, fail to follow them, an Employment Tribunal could increase a compensatory award by 25% to the employee.

At Plain Talking HR we offer a FREE one hour consultation to discuss with you how to resolve your difficult issues.

Or we can sit down with you during a one hour FREE consultation and discuss how you can put in place relevant policy and procedures. Then when problems occur in the future, you can nip them in the bud because with our support, you will be confident in handling difficult situations fairly and consistently.

Our support to you will include:

At Plain Talking HR we are committed to avoiding formal grievance procedures wherever possible by addressing problems as soon as they arise. We believe that Grievance procedures should be relevant to your company and be easy to follow with the aim to settle any grievances fairly and quickly. The procedures we develop are intended to provide consistency in the treatment of your employees and will follow the good practice that is described in the ACAS Guidelines.

PLAIN TALKING HR provides guidance, advice and support that you need for continued business success.

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