You are sacked, leave now! HE goes or I go!

Ever faced these difficult situations?

Have you buried your head in the sand because you were fearful of the law and its consequences?

Have you struggled to handle difficult Disciplinary issues because you were unsure of the proccess and how to handle them correctly?

Or do you believe..........

We don't need Disciplinary rules and procedures because our company is too small and anyway we have a happy workforce.

Even if you are a successful small or medium sized business, from time to time, you may be faced with having to take Disciplinary action against an employee. It is essential and required by law that you have in place written Disciplinary rules and procedures because if problems do arise then everybody knows what is required of them and whatever takes place would be consistent and fair.

At Plain Talking HR we offer a FREE one hour consultation to discuss with you how to resolve your difficult issues.

Or we can sit down with you during a one hour FREE consultation and discuss how you can put in place relevant policy and procedures. Then when problems occur in future, you can nip them in the bud because with our support, you will be confident in handling difficult situations fairly and consistently.

Our support to you will include:

At Plain Talking HR we are committed to avoiding formal Disciplinary procedures wherever possible by addressing problems as soon as they arise. We believe that Disciplinary action should only be taken when standards of conduct give rise to problems which cannot be resolved by advice and/or encouragement, training and/or increased support. The procedures that we develop are intended to provide consistency in the treatment of your employees and will follow the good practice that is described in the ACAS Guidelines.

PLAIN TALKING HR provides guidance, advice and support that you need for continued business success.

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