Employment contracts are essential and since April 2020 it has been the law to give an employee a contract!  
This has to be done by the end of the first day of an employee working for you. 
Don't download one off the internet and hope that it will be ok. 
You need to ensure your contracts include information on as many workplace-related issues as possible, so everything from probationary periods to what type of contract to have (zero-hours or fixed-term), to overtime (and how to calculate it) should be in the contract. 
Also be sure to define someone’s employment status before creating any contract, as many UK laws distinguish between whether someone is a worker or an employee. 
We get calls regularly from people who are having issuing with an employee who has a badly written contract or no contract at all.  
What to include in an employment contract 
Make sure you include all paid benefits, statutory or otherwise, written in the contract and the notice period. 
There are many things to consider and each company is different and each job role, therefore get advice and support to create employment contracts for your business. Never use contracts that were written for another business. 
Do your current employment contracts need to be reviewed? 
Laws and regulations pertaining to employment can change over time. Reviewing contracts ensures that they remain compliant with current legislation. Failure to comply with employment laws can result in legal consequences for you. 
Circumstances for both the employer and the employee may change over time. This could include changes in job responsibilities, working hours, compensation, benefits, or other terms and conditions of employment. Reviewing contracts allows for adjustments to reflect these changes. 
Regularly reviewing and updating employment contracts can demonstrate to employees that their employer is committed to their well-being and is willing to adapt to their needs. This can help improve employee satisfaction, engagement, and retention. 
Just contact us for advice and support to create new employment contracts or a review of your current ones. 
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